The BCF KiwiSaver Scheme has been established to provide members of the Brethren Christian Fellowship with access to KiwiSaver benefits.
Until the BCF KiwiSaver Scheme was established in April 2011, KiwiSaver participation was not viable for the Brethren community, because joining KiwiSaver would have involved Brethren members’ money being pooled with money held for persons not in fellowship.

The Trustee of the BCF KiwiSaver Scheme is Arotahi Trust Limited, which was established for the sole purpose of acting as Scheme Trustee. The Trustee holds all Scheme assets for the members’ benefit and is responsible for ensuring the BCF Scheme is administered in accordance with its Trust Deed and all applicable laws. KiwiSaver is different from other investment schemes in that you’re not the only one contributing funds – the Government and your employer (if any) also put money into your account! While your returns are not guaranteed, there is a lot of encouragement to save for your retirement.
For further information about the BCF KiwiSaver Scheme or to provide feedback about this site please contact us.

To join BCF KiwiSaver Scheme, (and to transfer from your old KiwiSaver) see the new member information and application form  (The BCF Product Disclosure Statement)  BCF KiwiSaver Scheme – PDS – 21 November 2022 v2 . Once we have received your valid new member documents we will action your transfer from your old KiwiSaver (if any) to BCF KiwiSaver on your behalf. Note the checklist and application forms are pages 20 to 24. Or request a new member application directly from The Administration Manager at [email protected].  The current BCF_Annual_Report_2024 and the current BCF Fund Update 31 Mar 2024

Latest Statements and Annual Statements –  Click on “Latest Statement” to see your most recent member statement. Latest Statements will be available within a month of each quarterly end date, 30 June, 30 September and 31 December.  The Annual Statements for year ending 31 March take some time to finalise and are due to members by 30 June.  We will email your Annual Statement to you as well as upload on the website.