Scheme details

An overview of the Scheme is given in the documents below. Further information can be obtained from the Administration Manager.

bcf_intro_letter_october-2016  BCF KiwiSaver – introduction and welcome to join letter.

bcf_overview_october-2016   BCF KiwiSaver Scheme Overview.

bcf_qa_october-2016  BCF KiwiSaver Scheme Questions and Answers Q&A.

bcf_in_a_nutshell_september-2016  This booklet explains a little about KiwiSaver in the context of the BCF KiwiSaver Scheme.

BCF KiwiSaver Scheme Notice to change PIE tax details

The chart on the flip side of the form gives more information to calculate your total income. Alternatively contact IRD to ask what your correct PIR should be.

In summary, people with a taxable income above $48,000 should pay tax on portfolio investment entities (PIE) such as KiwiSaver at the rate of 28 per cent, while people with an income of between $14,000 and $48,000 will generally pay the 17.5 per cent rate. Only those with an annual income below $14,000 should pay the 10.5 per cent rate. To update your Prescribed Investor Rate (PIR) on your BCF KiwiSaver please complete and return the attached form to us at [email protected]. Your PIR is shown at the top of your annual statement and your latest statement.

To join as a new member of BCF KiwiSaver Scheme – The Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) sumarises benefits, membership conditions and how the Scheme is managed. The new member application form is on pages 21 and 22. New member checklist is on page 20. This is the only valid new member application form.  BCF-KiwiSaver-Scheme-PDS

Each year the Trustee produces an annual report BCF_Annual_Report_2023 FINAL. That report reviews the operation of the Scheme over the year, sets out what has been achieved and sumarises the results. The latest Annual Report includes both statutory information and financial statements about the operation of the Scheme in the year.

The Scheme Statement of Investment Policy and Objectives (SIPO) BCF-KiwiSaver Scheme-SIPO

Other Material Information (OMI) BCF-KiwiSaver Scheme-OMI

BCF KiwiSaver Scheme Trust Deed (signed & dated)

The Trust Deed is the legal document governing the Scheme. It provides the basis for membership, contributions and benefits, stating how the Trustees will operate their stewardship of the Scheme.