Scheme publications

Information about the BCF KiwiSaver Scheme is given below:

BCF KiwiSaver Scheme – PDS – 21 November 2022 v2

The Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) sumarises benefits, investment information, membership conditions and how the Scheme is managed. The new member application forms are on pages 20 to 24.  This is the only valid new member application form.

Annual Reports

Each year the Trustee produces an annual report. That report reviews the operation of the Scheme over the year, sets out what has been achieved and sumarises the results. The Annual Reports include both statutory information and financial statements about the operation of the Scheme in the year.

Annual Accounts

Each year the Trustee produces audited financial statements.

BCF Fund Update

The BCF Fund Update tells you how the fund has performed and what fees were charged.

BCF KiwiSaver Scheme Notice to change PIE tax details

To verify and or update your Prescribed Investor Rate (PIR) on your portfolio investment entities (PIE) such as KiwiSaver. IRD have recently directed us to update individual PIR rates  for some members.